About Market and scheme Solar photovoltaic Semiconductor electron Product silver conductive paste Electronic adhesive News Career Investor EN CN EN Committed to promoting the development of photovoltaic technology through metallization innovation Harnessing Light and Driving a Green and Zero Carbon Future Photovoltaic power has become one of the most economical power solutions in most countries or regions in the world, and is also one of the key renewable energy forces to achieve carbon peaking and carbon neutrality globally. According to Bloomberg New Energy Finance, photovoltaic power will account for approximately 38% of global energy supply by 2050. Dike DKEM ® As one of the world's leading suppliers of photovoltaic metallization solutions, we are a key force in accelerating the deployment of photovoltaic power globally. We are committed to driving more green photovoltaic power into thousands of households through high-performance conductive silver paste products. Photovoltaic module interconnection scheme Based on the progress of photovoltaic cell technology, high-density, low stress, and flexible packaging have become the long-term development trend of photovoltaic modules. Conductive adhesives are... Learn more Photovoltaic cell metallization scheme Conductive silver paste is the core raw material for the production of photovoltaic cells. It forms patterned metal electrodes through screen printing and sintering (or solidification) processes, a... Learn more Open a Zero Carbon Bright Futurecontact us About Today dike corporate culture core technology Innovation course Market and scheme Solar photovoltaicSemiconductor electron Product silver conductive pasteElectronic adhesive News InformationSpecial report Career Join Dike Investor Investor Relations periodical reports Investor dynamics Pay attention to us 2023 DKEM® RecordNo:苏ICP备20000870号-1

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